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FACT Services

Analytical Ferrography

Demography or Wear Particle analysis is one of the most advanced Condition Monitoring Systems to determine the Wear Condition of the Machine and to some extent, the Lube Condition, by evaluating the Wear Debris Contained in a Lubricant Sample. Analyzed Microscopically Ferrography gives early warning about the impending failures in the components of the system making it possible to avoid unwanted expensive machine shutdowns. Data provided in Ferrograhic analysis helps in Pro actively controlling the root causes of failure. The test procedure in Analytical Ferrography requires the skill of a trained analysts. FACT is headed by a Specialist in Ferrography, Oil Analysis and Lube Management with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Diagnosis and Reporting
Wear Debris Precipitated on to a Glass slide called ferrogram, is viewed under a Bi-Chromatic Microscope to Identify Ferrous Wear, Nonferrous wear Contamination etc., A digital camera attached to the microscope captures the Image viewed under the microscope. The detailed report includes recommendations, action to be taken along with the severity ratings of different types of Ferrous and Non ferrous Wear, Contamination and to some extent condition of the Oil. A color image of the wear particles is also a part of the report. After the analysis the customer receives a comprehensive Machine Condition.